5 Must-Have Homepage Key Elements

Today's Tuesday's Tips and Tricks post focuses on the must-have key elements of successful homepage. Your homepage is the first impression that you will make on potential customers. It's also the part of your website that will likely get the most traffic and views....

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WordPress 4.5 – The Ugly Bug Update

WordPress 4.5,  named "Coleman" in honor of jazz musician Coleman Hawkins, was recently released on April 16, 2016. While we generally haven't had any huge issues with this update, there have been a few consistent bugs that we have found across our websites. Images...

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Lynchseattle, LLC is now 3Circle Media

Lynchseattle, LLC is now 3Circle Media. So why the name change? For several reasons: While Seattle will always be home for us, we are spending the next few years in our Nation's Capital and while we could be LynchWashington, LLC, it just doesn't have the same ring. We...

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