5 Essential Elements Your Law Firm Website Must Have

As a lawyer, you know the importance of marketing yourself as a reputable, trustworthy attorney.  Does your website also reflect what you stand for? Do you even have a website? 

Did you know that 96% of people seeking legal services use search engines to find attorneys? Did you also know that 74% of people visit a law firm website to take action?! 

Your website is your first impression. Before anyone even knows your name, they are searching for a law firm that helps them in the field that you practice. Therefore, your website needs to make a splash because, in a world where competition is a click away, you can lose a potential client as quickly as they found you. 

So what is your website missing? Good question, and we’d love to answer that for you! 

We’ve curated 5 essential elements your law firm website must have in order to be seen and capture as many clients as you can! 

Element 1: Custom Web Layout

No law firm is the same, so why should your law firm website design look like the rest? Don’t settle for a typical layout; let an experienced web development company (like us!) create an immersive, stunning, and clean layout that is user-friendly and professional. 

You want an organized website with clear call-to-action buttons that allow users to flow from the first click to final appointment confirmation seamlessly. 

Element 2: Responsive Mobile Design

Over 30% of law firm website traffic comes from mobile devices.  Is your website optimized to have a responsive mobile view? 

When we literally have all the answers we need in the palm of our hands, why not use them to the fullest? Our cell phones are our window to the world, and now we have the ability to find everything we need anywhere and everywhere 24/7, 365. 

If your website is not mobile responsive, it will be hard to navigate on a 3-inch screen which will have potential clients looking elsewhere. Again, since so many things are done from our phones, your website, and by extension, your law firm will sell outdated because it hasn’t adapted and adjusted to the times. 

law firm website

Element 3: Easy Attorney Search

If your law firm has several attorneys with different specialties, you need to make them easy to find on your website. 

When looking for a specific specialty like divorce or workers comp, your website should be able to directly guide them to the lawyers who specialize in particular practice areas

Consumers want answers as soon as they ask the question. So make it easy for them to navigate to the right person they are looking for. 

Your website is your first impression. Make sure your attorney bio pages have photos of each attorney and pertinent information regarding their experience and knowledge. You want to build trust before they pick up the phone. Let them know your value, and you are there to work hard for them. 

Element 4: Custom Client Intake Systems

Remember what we said above about guiding potential clients through a system that takes them from click to the final appointment? Well, what happens after they make the appointment? 

With a custom client intake system, your potential and current clients can easily access and submit documents and necessary paperwork to fill out right on their screen. It will make your job more streamlined because you have everything you need pertaining to your clients and can easily access it at any time. 

Element 5: Local SEO

Website optimization is already essential for your business, but local SEO is crucial to ensure the right people see your law firm. 

According to research, 62% of users search for non-branded keywords such as “Dallas Workers Comp Attorney.” Is your website optimized for local SEO? 

Potential clients want access to their attorneys, which means they will most likely choose someone in the area where they live or work. Therefore, make sure your potential clients see you by optimizing your website with the right keywords to ensure that your law firm website is at the top of the search engines. 

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After reading this article, if you’ve realized that your website is in serious need of some digital TLC, connect with us here at 3Circle Media

We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to overhaul your law firm website, get you seen by the RIGHT users, and allow you to be easily found when searched for. 

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Here are some law firm sites that we have designed and developed;

Bell Law Group
The Eichman Firm
Premier Law Group (Homepage and mobile redesign)

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