Is SEO Still Important In 2022?

Here’s a question: Just because we have planes and more advanced modes of transportation, does that make the automobile obsolete? 

No, and for the last century, the car has been the most utilized form of transportation and it will most likely continue to be the most utilized form of transportation for another few centuries until a vehicle that is more convenient and cost-effective comes along. 

SEO Is The Wheel

Compare SEO to the wheel of a car. When it was first invented, it was made of stone. It served a purpose to get something from Point A to Point B. 

Still, today thousands of years later, the purpose of the wheel stays the same, but the design and materials used are entirely different. 

But if it does the same thing, why isn’t it still made of stone? 

Simple, because we found a better way to make the wheel more convenient, advanced, and cost-effective.

Your wheels get you from Point A to Point B. SEO delivers information from your website to the Search Engines. If you’ve lost organic traffic over the last few years, it’s not dead; you are likely utilizing an outdated form of SEO. When you have a flat tire, you replace it or repair it. 

So when you have a poorly ranking website among the search engines, you evaluate and fix your SEO. 

Why? Because organic searches are accountable for 51% of your website traffic

Like all things, SEO has evolved and is still wholly relevant for 2022 and will continue to be for years to come. 

Here are a few things you can do to evolve your SEO, boost your website, and bring more people to your small business

Optimize Your Content 

Technology is becoming more and more intuitive every day. With the advancement of technology comes a more intelligent Google algorithm. It no longer just recognizes keywords and gives you a website packed with the same; it understands the intention of what you’re searching for. 

So instead of packing your website full of a specific keyword like “SEO,” what you should do is explain what SEO is, list your SEO services, monitor and track a website’s performance through SEO. 

This gives your content meaning, and people who search “what is SEO?” Or “SEO services” will find your website because it matches the intention of the search; Not just the keywords. 


Local SEO

Almost 90% of users will use their phone to search for a local business weekly, and 58% of users will perform a search like that every day. 

Local SEO is a vital part of your local marketing strategy and bringing people in the door or to your website. 

To increase your local SEO and rank above the competition in your area, simply add location based-keywords and phrases to your content. 

You should also connect with other local businesses and services like the chamber of commerce or the city website to link your website. 

Don’t forget about updating Yellow Pages and Google My Business either. 

By improving these, you’re allowing users to find you more easily and rank your business above the local competition. 

SEO Is Still Important In 2022

Don’t lose any more prospective customers because of an outdated SEO strategy. Instead, give your small business a boost with a revised strategy using the latest SEO tactics.  

Here are 3Circle Media, we understand the importance of SEO for your business.  We enjoy serving the greater Dallas Metroplex businesses as well as businesses large and small across the country. Find out how to choose a Dallas website design company in a recent article (Hint – it’s us!)

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