If you have or run a nonprofit and aren’t aware of Google’s Great Ad Grant program for nonprofits. you are missing out. Google Ad Grants has been helping nonprofits increase their exposure online for years and while it seems a bit daunting at first, 3Circle is here to help you understand and navigate the system.


1.What are Google Ad Grants:

Google has created a program specifically for nonprofit organizations that gives them up to $10,000 in free advertising each month. When you pull up a Google page with search results, the top entries that you see on a search page are ads for specific products. These ads usually cost businesses quite a bit of money to run (referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC ads) because they have to spend money to run these ads.

For nonprofit organizations, however, who meet certain criteria (which we will address later), Google pays for your ads- up to $10,000 per month so your organization gets exposure and premium ad space without spending a cent of your own money. How great is that?


2. Google Ad Grant Benefits

Imagine the ability to reach your target audience, both those you serve and donors without spending a dime of your own money. With Google Ad Grants, you reach those who matter most. Most nonprofits have very little marketing money to spend on advertising. You’re usually running on a shoestring budget as it is so Google helps nonprofits reach people with free ads. Want more donations? Want to help more people that will benefit from your cause? Google Ad Grants should be a primary part of your marketing plan


3. Sounds great – what’s the catch?

While the Ad Grants program is really great, it’s can be daunting to sign up for and manage each month. Google has some very strict requirements on how their money can be used that are much more strict that those companies who are buying the ad space. For example, the ads must be highly targeted to your market, your keywords (words that describe your mission) need to be highly relevant and your landing pages (where your customers go after they click on the ad) must be full of pertinent, important information that your customers need. It really isn’t as difficult as it seems and at 3Circle, we are Ad Grants experts and have tons of experience in this area.


4. Ok, this sounds amazing – how do I get started?

You’ve already made the first step by reading this blog post. 3Circle Media works with nonprofits of all sizes to set up your account with Google, work with you in creating landing pages and coming up with relevant keywords that reflect the mission of your organization. Once we have been accepted into the program, we work with you to create highly targeted ads to drive more traffic to your website, get people to call for more information about your organization or find out how they can donate to your cause.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to receive the free ad money without really lifting a finger. You are the expert in your nonprofit and we are Ad Grants experts. Together we make a great team


5. I’m ready – let’s get started!

Great! We are ready to jump in and help! The first step is making sure that your nonprofit is eligible for the program and then we take over. We set up the initial program and run your ads each month. We provide you with monthly reporting on how your ads are doing and also create specific landing pages on your website for each type of ad. We offer many different types of Ad Grant packages depending on your budget so contacting us is the first step. You can also read about our work with nonprofits and website design if you are  starting a new nonprofit.