Before creating a brand new attorney or law firm website or refreshing an existing website, there are 5 important legal firm website must haves. In order to make your website work for you and your potential clients, the following 5 things should be incorporated into your legal firm website design.

1. Responsive Design

The vast majority of potential clients will view your website on their mobile device first and foremost. A responsive design means that your website will adjust to fit mobile devices including tablets insuring that users on any mobile device will have the same experience. A legal firm website that isn’t responsive or “mobile friendly” means that you might be losing out on potential clients.

2. Attorney Bio Search Engine

It isn’t enough for your legal firm website to have attorney bios listed, potential clients must be able to find the attorney they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Attorneys should be searchable alphabetically, by practice area, and bar admission at the very least. Potential clients should also be able to search for attorneys by location if your firm has multiple offices.

3. Custom Client Intake System

As we are no longer living in a paper-based society, a Client Intake system built into your law firm’s website is essential. Clients should be able to fill out all of the necessary paperwork on your website and also submit documents. A Client Intake system makes life easier for both your firm and your client by streamlining the documentation process.

4. Blog or Newsroom

A Blog or Newsroom is an essential element of a modern legal firm website. The blog should be divided into different categories such as Press Releases, Practice Areas and Attorneys, etc so that the content is easily searchable by clients. Content should also be searchable by date and author.

5. Social Media Feeds and Sharing

Content from your website should be easily sharable by clients. Likewise, integrating your social media feeds into your website either on a footer or sidebar helps clients connect with you.

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