So you’ve launched your new law firm website, have great attorney bios and practice area information. You’re good to go, right? Not so fast.. As we mentioned on a previous blog post, it’s not enough to just launch your site, you need to keep it updated. A new website (blog) is also the best way to establish yourself as a Practice Area authority in your given practice.

I’m sure there are other law firms in your city that specialize in the same practice area(s) that you do so how do you stand out from the crowd not only in content but in page rank on search engines? Here are a few ways to separate yourself from other attorneys in your field.

Provide Answers to Common Questions

Is there a question that comes up over and over when you meet with prospective clients? Adding an FAQ section or “Ask An Attorney” page on your website is a great way to answer some generic questions in your field. Another idea is a weekly blog post dedicated to questions. That way, you are constantly updating your website which helps potential clients get to know you and also gives you search engine juice.

Write Better Content Than Your Competitors

Pick the top 5-10 competitors in your area by page rank on Google and see what they have written in your areas of expertise. Can you provide better, updated information than they do? Can you write a longer, more informative post on the same subject? Again, the benefit of this approach is to provide more informative, updated information that will help your page rank, and also new customers

Ask For Testimonials

In 2015, Lawyernomics conducted a survey about how people find and hire attorneys. The number one answer was “word of mouth.” Think of a testimonial or praise page as a”word of mouth” referral for the information age. If you have good testimonials for your services in a practice area, it’s likely that potential clients have faced the same issues. Seeing your success with other clients is likely to turn your potential clients into new clients. Just for fun, what is the second thing that people do after they’ve heard of an attorney… They go to their website.

Provide Downloadable Information

When a potential client lands on your Practice Area page, what is it that you want them to do? Contact you, of course, but help give them a reason to contact you. Provide a pamphlet or other downloadable information that has concrete examples of your expertise. The more information you can provide up front, the higher likelihood that potential clients will find value in your knowledge and contact you.

Are you or your firm looking to become a practice area authority online?  3Circle Media can help make your practice area and website stand out from the crowd. Contact us for a free quote today.