As a leader in the fight for justice in the VW Diesel lawsuits, the Global Justice Network contacted us about redoing their site to be less of a standard blog. There was no real design to the page and they were afraid that potential clients weren’t able to navigate the site to find useful information.

VW Global Justice Network
VW Global Justice Network

As you can see from the “before” pictures, there wasn’t any real style to the layout and no clear call to action for people to learn more about  the site. In order to get the information out to the public, the old website was launched quickly and without much though to user experience. Several people were also updating the website and so there was no cohesive procedure in place for updates.

What We Did

In addition to creating a more modern look and feel for the website, we also added several things to improve user experience and conversion

Increased focus on team members and law firms in each country

As the Global Justice Network is comprised of many different member firms in various countries in Europe and also the US, GJN wanted potential clients to contact representatives in their own country so we created a slider with names and links to the law firms and their social media sites.

We also created an interactive responsive map that has place markers for each country. Once clicked on, the place holder opens up to show firm information.

FAQ Section

We stylized the FAQ section from the previous site and added toggle bars with the website colors. Once clicked on, the toggles open to show content for toggle bar thus making it easy for potential clients to find out important information. The toggles give the site a very clean, accessible look.

Mobile Friendly, Responsive Layout

The old website wasn’t mobile friendly or responsive. We made sure that potential clients would be able to access the site and important information from all devices no matter where they were.

3Circle Media specializes in all types of website refreshes. If your site isn’t reaching your target clients, contact us today. Check out the newly revamped website here: VW. Global Justice Network: